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A text editor to be ACCEPTED

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A terminal text editor to be ACCEPTED.

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A modal text editor for competitive rust programmer written with Rust.

Primary target is in competitive Rust programmers.

So this can Rustfmt and Test run with clipboard input which is useful to competitive programming by simple command.


  • Autoformat with Rustfmt
  • Completion with RLS / Racer
  • Auto compile and show compiler messages
  • Easy to test a single rust code
  • VScode style snippet support
  • Mouse support


You need nightly Rust.

$ cargo install accepted

Install rust components.

$ rustup component add rls-preview
$ rustup component add rust-src
$ rustup component add rustfmt-preview


$ acc [file]

TODO: More precisely.


Many commands of acc is same as Vim.

i, I, a, A, o, O to insert mode and Esc to return.

hjkl, w, e, b to move cursor.

y, d, c, v, V works like vim

Space Prefix

Some of commands can run with space as a prefix.

SPACE -> q to Quit.

SPACE -> s to Save.

SPACE -> a to Save As.

SPACE -> y to Copy all to clipboard

SPACE -> SPACE to Rustfmt.

SPACE -> t to compile and run with clipboard input.

SPACE -> T to compile (optimized) and run with clipboard input.

SPACE -> q to Quit.

Snippet support

This supports vscode style snippet.

You can configure by toml file placed in [config_dir]/acc/init.toml

config_dir is defined in here.

The only configurable thing is snippet

snippet = ["path_to_snippet_file"]


Any kind of contribution including feature request is welcome !!


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