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Integrate Diesel into Actix (and Actix Web) cleanly and efficiently

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Actix Diesel

Integrate Diesel into Actix (and Actix Web) cleanly and efficiently.

This crate allows for a simple async interface to diesel powered by actix. It's main goal is to provide actix-web users an elegant interface to diesel however it can be used without the web portions.

If you're familiar with how Anko SQLite works in Android the interface was modeled off of that.


See the example for detailed usage information.

async fn index(state: State<AppState>) -> Result<Json<User>> {
    // `Database::get` takes a closure that accepts an isolated connection
    // `Database::transaction` also exists as shorthand for immediately entering a transaction
    Ok(await!(state.db.get(|conn| users::table.load(&conn)))?)


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