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This crate can be used as a bot to build a botnet for simulating UDP-based DDoS attacks (but only for educational and pentesting purposes, see the GPLv3 license, under which the library is distributed).

This library was designed to be as convenient and reliable as it is possible, and without any external dependencies (except of the standard library). If you are just interested in one single program, please take a look at this one.


First, you need to link the library with your executable (or another library) by putting anevicon_core to the dependencies section in your Cargo.toml like this:

anevicon_core = "*"

Next, just copy this code into your main function and launch the compiled program, which simply sends one thousand empty packets to the example.com site:

use anevicon_core::summary::TestSummary;
use anevicon_core::testing::send;

// Setup the socket connected to the example.com domain
let socket = std::net::UdpSocket::bind("").unwrap();

let packet = vec![0; 32768];
let mut summary = TestSummary::default();

// Execute a test that will send one thousand packets
// each containing 32768 bytes.
for _ in 0..1000 {
    if let Err(error) = send(&socket, &packet, &mut summary) {
        panic!("{}", error);

    "The total seconds passed: {}",

For more details please look through the official documentation.

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