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Brawl character file parser, based on brawlbox/brawllib

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A brawl character file parser, based on brawlbox/brawllib, written in rust.

Doesn't support modifying files, only reading them.


In this example we:

  • Create a Fighter from an exported brawl fighter directory. This is the raw data from the fighter folder, stored in a tree of structs
  • Create a HighLevelFighter from an exported brawl fighter directory. This contains processed data from the Fighter struct, stored in a tree of structs
use brawllib_rs::fighter::Fighter;
use brawllib_rs::high_level_fighter::HighLevelFighter;
use std::fs;

for fighter in Fighter::load(fs::read_dir("some/real/dir/fighter").unwrap(), None, false) {
    println!("Fighter name: {}", fighter.cased_name);
    println!("The name of the first model file name: {}", fighter.models[0].name);

    let hl_fighter = HighLevelFighter::new(&fighter);
    println!("Hurtboxes on the 4th frame of 'Run' action {:#?}", hl_fighter.subactions.iter().find(|x| x.name == "Run").unwrap().frames[4].hurt_boxes);


Refer to docs.rs for the full API.


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