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GLL 450 parser

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This is a GLSL450 parser which aims is to parse a GLSL450-formatted source into an in-memory representation (AST). It strictly follows the grammar rules defined in the official GLSL 450 specifications.

Currently, the parser expects the input source to be &[u8], which provides a pretty poor experience in error reporting. This is a serious issue and is being worked on.


GLSL compiler

This crate is a GLSL450 compiler. It’s able to parse valid GLSL450 formatted source into an abstract syntax tree (AST). That AST can then be transformed into SPIR-V, your own format or even folded back to a raw GLSL String (think of a minifier, for instance).

You’ll find several modules:

  • parser, which exports the parsing interface (functions, types) to use the GLSL parsers.
  • parsers, which exports most of the parsers to parse the whole or a part of GLSL source (intermediary parsers).
  • syntax, which exports the AST and language definition.

Feel free to inspect those modules for further information.

Quick parsing

If you’re just looking for a parser that would give you the AST for a shader, you might be interested in parse_str and translation_unit.


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