A rust futures-based RSS/Atom library

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A futures-based RSS-reading library for rust.

To use

To fetch a feed

extern crate hermod;

use hermod::models::Feed;
use hermod::futures::fetch_feed;

fn get_a_feed(url: &str) {
    .and_then(|feed| {
      let channel = feed.channel;
      let title = channel.title;

To start a loop that will fetch several feeds, and run a custom func for each feed with the resulting Feed

extern crate hermod;

use std::sync::{Arc, Mutex};

use hermod::models::Feed;
use hermod::futures::start_fetch_loop;

fn automatically_fetch_feeds() {
  let interval = 300; // seconds
  let feeds = vec![
  let feed_state = Arc::new(Mutex::new(feeds)); // thread-safe Vec of strings
  let func = |feed: Feed| println!("updated feed: {}", feed.channel.title); // func to run for each updated feed
  let work = start_fetch_loop(feed_state, interval, func);


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