log extension with NDC-like functionality

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log crate extension with NDC-like functionality

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This crate allows settings a thread-local variable and crate prepends in in ndc_* macros. E. g.

ndc_warn!("something happened"); // works exactly like `log!` macro

log_ndc::set(format!("reqid={}", 10));

ndc_info!("starting request");
// outputs
// INFO 2019-02-03T23:51:26Z: mycrate: [reqid=10] starting request

warn!("something bad happened"); // this line does not output NDC information

This crate depends on log crate, not replaces it.

This crate is fully compatible with log-formatting crates like env_logger.

Regular trace!(...)...error!(...) macros still work but do not output NDC information.

The word "NDC" is taken from log4j, it means "nested dianostics context".