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Extend primitive number types to make them have a number_as method

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Number As

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Use the trait NumberAs in the current scope to let all primitive number types have a number_as method.

extern crate number_as;

use number_as::NumberAs;

let a: i32 = 2u16.number_as();

assert_eq!(2i32, a);

assert_eq!(2i32, 2u16.number_as());

assert_eq!(20i32, 20.6.number_as());

All implements for the NumberAs trait can be considered as a whole Primitive Number. If you want to design an add function, which accepts all kinds of primitive numbers, you can use the Number trait as a trait bound.

extern crate number_as;

use number_as::{Number, NumberAs};

fn add<T, J, K>(a: T, b: J) -> K where T: Number, J: Number, K: Number, i128: number_as::NumberAs<K> {
    let a: i128 = a.number_as();
    let b: i128 = b.number_as();

    let c = a + b;


assert_eq!(40i32, add(5u8, 35i16));







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