A small runtime library to help out programs linked against CommonWA targeting Olin. This will only be useful on the wasm32-unknown-unknown target.

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Olin is an environment to run and operate functions as a service projects using event sourcing and webassembly under the hood. Your handler code shouldn't need to care that there is an event queue involved. Your handler should just do what your handler needs to do.

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Very frequently, I end up needing to write applications that basically end up waiting forever to make sure things get put in the right place and then the right code runs as a response. I then have to make sure these things get put in the right places and then that the right versions of things are running for each of the relevant services. This doesn't scale very well, not to mention is hard to secure. This leads to a lot of duplicate infrastructure over time and as things grow. Not to mention adding in tracing, metrics and log aggreation.

I would like to change this.

I would like to make a prescriptive environment kinda like Google Cloud Functions or AWS Lambda backed by a durable message queue and with handlers compiled to webassembly to ensure forward compatibility. As such, the ABI involved will be versioned, documented and tested. Multiple ABI's will eventually need to be maintained in parallel, so it might be good to get used to that early on.

I expect this project to last decades. I want the binary modules I upload today to be still working in 5 years, assuming its dependencies outside of the module still work.


Before asking questions or using Olin in this early state, I ask you please read these blogposts outlining the point of this project and some other bikeshedding I have put out on the topic:

These will explain a lot that hasn't been fit into here yet.

ABI's Supported

Common WebAssembly

Olin includes support for binaries linked against the Common WebAssembly specification. Please see the tests in cmd/cwa for more information. Currently the Common WebAssembly is fairly basic, but at the same time there are currently the most tests targeting Common Webassembly. The tests for the Common WebAssembly spec can be found here.


The dagger of light that renders your self-importance a decisive death

Dagger is currently in use for testing purposes. It defines five simple system calls (open, read, write, sync and close) and allows the user to chain them as they wish. open returns the file descriptor that is going to be the first argument of all of the other functions.

To use these functions from C, import them like such from the dagger module:

extern int open(const char *furl, int flags);
extern int close(int fd);
extern int read(int fd, void *buf, int nbyte);
extern int write(int fd, void *buf, int nbyte);
extern int sync(int fd);

Project Meta

To follow the project, check it on GitHub here. To talk about it on Slack, join the Go community Slack and join #olin.