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A small library to create nodes, groups of nodes and connection in between them utilizing the image crate

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Pathfinder can create nodes, groups of nodes and connection in between them, and plot them resulting in an image. It handles text interpretation and data visualisation based on input files.

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Pathfinder Logotype

example: hello_world.rs

Pathfinder Logotype_gif

example: hello_world_gif.rs


Groups example

example: random.rs


Inside the examples directory you can find example implementations of common functions. Along with some output examples.

A Node is the primary focus. As it's properties are reflected for Groups of nodes as well. They are instantiated simply and are used drawing on a canvas.

use pathfinder::{Coordinate, Node};

let a: Node = Node::new("A", Coordinate::new(0,0));
let mut b: Node = Node::new("B", Coordinate::new(100,100));


This library contains a wrapper for image and gif encoding. Which can be used to easily draw up node, groups and links.

let mut map = Map::new();
map = map


Planned activities

  • Better abstraction for groups of nodes.
  • More predictable node layout.
  • Integrate with piston graphical layout.
  • Add more algorithms for pathfinding on a linked network.


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