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This is a working emulator for the CHIP-8 machine built in Rust. This probably should not be used in production and I am a beginner in Rust so there are probably better ways to write the code I wrote.

It handles sound, graphics and keyboard input using the SDL2 library.


Clone the repository and make sure Rust and Cargo are installed, then run:

$ cargo run

This will start the Pong game bundled with the emulator. The bundled Pong game was not made by me but it is in public domain. You can find a lot of games for the CHIP-8 if you type CHIP-8 free games on your favorite search engine.

If you have a CHIP-8 ROM file, you can run in the emulator with the following command:

$ cargo run your-rom-file.ch8

To get a list of options, run:

$ cargo run -- -h

This will list the options and explain them. For example, you can change the emulator speed and mute the audio.


If you find a better way to write the code, or if there is a mistake, feel free to send a pull request or to create an issue.


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