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Macros support for Simi framework

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Simi Project [WIP]

There are 3 crates in this repo:

  • simi: The framework
  • simi-html-tags: Html tags supported by Simi, for use internally by simi and simi-macros crates.
  • simi-macros: Provide a custom attribute: #[simi_app], and two macros: application! and component!.
  • simi-cli: (This crate has been move out of this repo, into its own repo).
    • This tool also compile (by using rsass) style.scss to style.css for you.

Notable features of the framework

  • No webpack, no nodejs
  • When updating the View, Simi only check for what can be changed. You can also specify what to be no update at compile time.
  • Component
  • UbuComponent (update by user component)
  • Sub apps
  • Auto style.scss to style.css (helps by simi-cli, thanks to rsass)

See simi-project/simi/README.md for information about the framework.

Give a look at Simi's examples!

You must install Rust to use Simi.


# Simi requires nightly
rustup install nightly
rustup default nightly

# Because we build for the web
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown

# `Simi` build on top of `wasm-bindgen`
cargo +nightly install wasm-bindgen-cli

# Install simi-cli from crates.io
cargo install simi-cli

# If you want to install simi-cli from git source: https://gitlab.com/limira-rs/simi-cli

# Now, clone simi-project source code and try its examples
git clone https://gitlab.com/limira-rs/simi-project.git
cd ../simi/examples/a-counter
simi serve

Now, open your browser and visit http://localhost:8000/!


Help wanted

When making changes, please add them in CHANGELOG.md


  • Benchmarks
  • Better API for Component?
  • What is the best way to handle Error?
  • release build vs debug build?: debug_assert?

Test your changes

simi-macros crate does not have tests, it is tested indirectly in simi crate. If there is no test that covers your changes, please add tests for them. Currently, there are only tests that require a browser in simi-project/simi/tests.

To run these tests, make sure that:

  • simi-project/simi-cli installed
  • chromium browser installed
  • chromedriver downloaded and unpacked to "webdrivers/*" where webdrivers is a folder at the same level of simi-project
    |--- simi-project
            |--- simi 
            |--- ...
    |--- webdrivers
            |--- chromedriver

then in simi-project/, run:

# run every tests

or if you don't want to install simi-cli, then, in simi-project/simi

CHROMEDRIVER=path/to/chromedriver cargo +nightly test --target wasm32-unknown-unknown

Test in docker

The docker test can build simi-project/simi/examples, but unable to run headless browser test for now (Admittedly, I don't know why! :blush: ).

Output of the macros

Sometimes, you need to have a look at the generated code of application! or component!. You just simply add @debug to the beginning of the macro content like this:

    @debug // <== to output generated code
    div () {

then when the project is building, it will output the generated code to the terminal (if there is no error when generating it).