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macro spirv-struct-layout-derive

This crate is just an implementation detail of the spirv-struct-layout crate

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0.1.3 Jan 5, 2020
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0.1.1 Jan 4, 2020
0.1.0 Jan 4, 2020

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Attempts to ensure that a rust struct used as a uniform buffer matches the layout of the struct declared in spirv.

Usage example:

use spirv_struct_layout::{CheckSpirvStruct, SpirvLayout};

struct Uniforms {
    model_view: [f32; 16],
    light_dir: [f32; 3],
    // _padding: f32, // uncomment this line, and the alignment will match the spirv
    position: [f32; 4],

fn main() {
    let spirv = Vec::from(cast_slice(include_bytes!("simple.frag.spv")));

    Uniforms::check_spirv_layout("buf", spirv);

Which fails like so, becuase SPIR-V mandates that vec3 is aligned to 16 bytes:

The application panicked (crashed).
Message:  assertion failed: `(left == right)`
  left: `80`,
 right: `76`: field buf.position should have an offset of 80 bytes, but was 76 bytes
Location: spirv_struct_layout/examples/simple/main.rs:19


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