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no-std stm32f407g-disc

Board support crate for the STM32F407G DISCOVERY microcontroller board

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0.1.1 Oct 12, 2018
0.1.0 Oct 3, 2018

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stm32f407g-disc contains a basic board support package for the STM32F407G-DISC microcontroller board (also known as STM32F4DISCOVERY, but easy to confuse with other STM32F4 discovery boards which also exist) to write firmwares using the Rust language. This experimentation board features multiple user programmable LEDs an accelerometer, an audio DAC with amplified, a microphone jack, a microphone and a user programmable USB connector. A shield with breakout for Ethernet, RS232 serial port, SD-Card reader, and LCD connector is also available.

It also contains a (non-removable) capable ST-Link V2 debugging interface.


0-clause BSD license.


~3.5M SLoC