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no-std stm32f429i-disc

Board support crate for the STM32F429I DISCOVERY microcontroller board

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0.1.1 Oct 12, 2018
0.1.0 Oct 3, 2018

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stm32f429i-disc contains a basic board support package for the STM32F429I-DISC microcontroller board to write firmwares using the Rust language. This experimentation board features multiple user programmable LEDs a gyroscope, an LCD display with resistive touch layer, 64Mbit of memory and a user programmable USB connector. It also contains a (non-removable) capable ST-Link V2 debugging interface.

  • A computer (macOS and Linux work perfectly, Windows should work but was not tested)
  • A bit of open source software


0-clause BSD license.


~3.5M SLoC