An optimizied cache file for fast and memory efficient lookup of symbols and stack frames in debugging information

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Symbolic is a library written in Rust which is used at Sentry to implement symbolication of native stack traces, sourcemap handling for minified JavaScript and more. It consists of multiple largely independent crates which are bundled together into a C and Python library so it can be used independently of Rust.

What's in the package

Currently it provides the following functionality:

  • Symbolication based on custom cache files (symcache)
  • Symbol cache file generators from:
    • Mach and ELF symbol tables
    • Mach and ELF embedded DWARF data
    • Breakpad Symbol files
  • Demangling support
    • Swift
    • C++
    • Rust
  • JavaScript sourcemap expansion
    • Basic token mapping
    • Heuristics to find original function names based on minified sources
    • Indexed sourcemap to sourcemap merging
  • Proguard function mappings
  • Minidump / Breakpad processing
    • Generate Breakpad symbol files from Mach and ELF
    • Process Minidumps to resolve process state
  • Convenient C and Python library

Source Crates

A lot of functionality exposed by this library come from independent Rust crates for better use:

Additionally we use the following C++ libraries to fill in gaps:

Building and Development

Symbolic comes as a python library with prebuilt wheels for linux and macOS. On other operating systems or when using as rust library, you need to build symbolic manually. This always requires the latest stable Rust and Cargo, as well as a C++11 compiler.


Symbolic is licensed under the MIT license. It uses some Apache2 licensed code from Apple for the Swift demangling.


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