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A Rust crate for parsing and serialization of .tdesktop-theme and .tdesktop-palette files

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0.1.2 Sep 24, 2018
0.1.1 Sep 24, 2018
0.1.0 Sep 24, 2018

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A crate to work with Telegram Desktop themes. Supports:

  • Parsing of .tdesktop-palette;
  • Parsing of .tdesktop-theme;
  • Serialization to .tdesktop-palette format;
  • Serialization to .tdesktop-theme format;
  • Dealing with wallpapers;
  • Editing themes;
  • Variables links.

Also can:

  • Resolve links;
  • Unlink variables;
  • Add themes (&theme + &other_theme);
  • Fallback to another theme (&theme | &other_theme);
  • Provide you with Telegram's default themes.

We also provide the default themes under the default_themes module. If you think we don't support something or you wish we had some feature, feel free to fill an issue on our GitLab repository.


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