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This is a minimal implementation for a multiplexed p2p network based on yamux that supports mounting custom protocols.


  1. Data stream transmission
+----+      +----------------+      +-----------+      +-------------+      +----------+      +------+
|user| <--> | custom streams | <--> |Yamux frame| <--> |Secure stream| <--> |TCP stream| <--> |remote|
+----+      +----------------+      +-----------+      +-------------+      +----------+      +------+
  1. Code implementation

All data is passed through the futures channel, yamux splits the actual tcp stream into multiple substreams, and the service layer wraps the yamux substream into a protocol stream.

At the same time, support for other protocol(such as websocket) is also planned, but will delay a lot.

Detailed introduction: 中文/English

Note: It is not compatible with libp2p.


The API of this project is basically usable. However we still need more tests. PR is welcome.


From cargo

tentacle = "0.2"


  1. Clone
$ git clone https://github.com/nervosnetwork/p2p.git
  1. On one terminal:

Listen on

$ RUST_LOG=simple=info,tentacle=debug cargo run --example simple -- server
  1. On another terminal:
$ RUST_LOG=simple=info,tentacle=debug cargo run --example simple
  1. Now you can see some data interaction information on the terminal.


Because when I use rust-libp2p, I have encountered some difficult problems, and it is difficult to locate whether it is my problem or the library itself, it is better to implement one myself.


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