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Asynchronous Linux SocketCAN sockets with tokio

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SocketCAN support for tokio based on the socketcan crate.

Example echo server

use futures::stream::Stream;
use futures::future::{self, Future};

let socket_rx = tokio_socketcan::CANSocket::open("vcan0").unwrap();
let socket_tx = tokio_socketcan::CANSocket::open("vcan0").unwrap();

tokio::run(socket_rx.for_each(move |frame| {
}).map_err(|_err| {}));


Integrating the test into a CI system is non-trivial as it relies on a vcan0 virtual can device existing. Adding one to most linux systems is pretty easy with root access but attaching a vcan device to a container for CI seems difficult to find support for.

To run the tests locally, though, setup should be simple:

sudo modprobe vcan
sudo ip link add vcan0 type vcan
sudo ip link set vcan0 up
cargo test



  • Added futures::sink::Sink implementation for the CANSocket


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